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To send an email You need to register and to confirm the verification link sent to Your email address! It's as simple as that. You can play with forms and colors, even create the email, but You will not be able to send it without registration.
Then You can login and send emails, newsletters, greeting cards, ...
Registration form asks You to fill in data You will use in Your email creation, so the receiver will immediately recognize it is from You. You can omiss all information, except for name, email and password.


Under the working area there are several template icons. You choose the one that suits Your needs with the simple left-click of the mouse.
Be aware that the content of the Dashboard depends on the type of template You use. Now You are ready to create Your beautiful email.


You have an endless source of images! Just copy/paste the internet address of the chosen image and "voila"! The image appears in Your email template. If You use templates with two columns You can put two images there.
Pay attention to the sides where You are putting the images. It could be important if You change Your mind and choose one-column template. In that case, only the right-side image will be displayed and sent.


For creating the textual part of the email, use the integrated Text Editor. It works beautifully and You will get used to it in no time. The same editor is used for the left and the right side of the email text, and You choose sides by choosing the correct button under the editing area, AFTER You finished text editing.
If You click the button with empty text area, text that was in Your email will be erased permanently.


Choosing colors of backrounds and fonts in header and footer are really simple, so if You have any questions, email us on the Contact page.


Links to our social networks sites are on the Contact page, so You can just left-click the icons and visit our facebook and twitter.

We wish You plenty of fun creating Your emails, newsletters, greeting cards, or whatever You imagine.